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We offer a full line of Martin equipment.

NOTE: If you do not see the size or product you want, please contact us
for our complete line of products!

T27 Fixed arbor shaper -  Call for Price
A shaper must be efficient and versatile - just like every other production machine. A modern touchscreen control is exactly what is required in today's woodworking facility; minimizing set-up times and increasing production...More Info

T27 Fixed arbor shaper
T27 Flex tilting arbor shaper -  Call for Price
Setting up a tilting shaper can be a major challenge. Not so for the T27 FleX with its modern touchscreen controller. Thanks to the controller's integrated tool conversion, the operator can make efficient use of the wide tilting range of the T27 FleX....More Info

T27 Flex tilting arbor shaper
SKU: T27 Flex
T45 Contour Thickness Planer -  Call for Price
The T45 CONTOUR offers world-wide unique save solutions for profiling surfaces in one pass....More Info

T45 Contour Thickness Planer
SKU: T45-c
T45 thickness planer -  Call for Price
The optimally accessible electronic control unit enables quick and convenient adjustments of the planing height....More Info

T45 thickness planer
SKU: T45
T54 Jointer -  Call for Price
A smoothly running rip fence with its integrated auxiliary fence provides the basis for quick and precise working....More Info

T54 Jointer
SKU: T54
T60 Classic table saw -  Call for Price
A modern sliding-table saw must be able to reliably perform final cuts as well as pre-cuts. It should be quick, faultless, and comfortable to use, operate in a reliable manner over many years. Moreover, its price should be convincing like that of the MA...More Info

T60 Classic table saw
SKU: T60
T60 PreXision table saw -  Call for Price
The T60 PreXision breaks limits: on conventional sliding-table saws, the saw blade can only be tilted by 46 to the right or not at all. On the new T60 PreXision, the saw blade can also be tilted by 46 to the left, resulting in a unique total cutting-an...More Info

T60 PreXision table saw
SKU: T60-p
T74 Automatic table saw -  Call for Price
The core of the T74 Automatic is the powerful and yet easy-to-use touchscreen control with a comfortable 10.4" screen. The control supports up to five networked axes, thus greatly reducing your tool-changing and set-up times....More Info

T74 Automatic table saw
SKU: T74-a
T74 Classic table saw -  Call for Price
This machine offers everything you would expect from a modern premium-class sliding-table saw: three controlled axes and a future-oriented, user-friendly 5.7" touchscreen control for precise settings of the cutting height, angle, and width in seconds....More Info

T74 Classic table saw
SKU: T74
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